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Spirits In Your Area | The Anthology

Spirits In Your Area is an interconnected anthology of urban fantasy stories, mostly set in Australia and Greater Oceania. This collection of stories reimagines classic fairy tales and folk ghost stories in a dark, quirky, and surreal way. It’s like The Witcher meets The Castle.

Set in a world very similar to our own, Spirits in Your Area is about humans who must wrestle with their understanding of death, loss, family, and self. After stumbling into the strange and terrifying realm of spirits, these humans must either overcome these paranormal powers or die trying.

Praise for Spirits in Your Area:

A treat for adults & inner children alike, these familiar, yet constantly surprising tales will never let you off the hook. Story after story, you are pulled into a vaguely familiar, weird world of extraordinary people, uncanny creatures, and restless spirits, only to be caught unawares by a series of exhilarating, unfamiliar and unexpected twists and turns. Ioanna Papageorgiou (Reedsy Discovery)

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Twelve stories included:

Small Bag

Sound the Siren
A young man picks up a hitchhiker at a petrol station. Little does he know, he will soon be lured into a world of spirits, both good and evil. (Read it for free here)


A castle full of sentient household items is trapped under the iron fist of a beastly master, ever since a witch cursed him. The castle chamberpot sets off to confront the witch.

Bamboo Shoot

The Glade
A group goes hiking to find a mysterious species of red bamboo. They meet a powerful spirit, and receive a practical lesson on how you should behave in the wilderness.



Little Red
Paige realises that her grandmother has been training her for a terrible and otherworldly career.

Tea cup with cat hair

Oftentimes, the leader of an organisation is eccentric. Timur, on the other hand, is probably not human.


Bus Ticket

Last Stop
A middle-aged insurance salesman realises that his driver, and the other passengers aboard his evening bus, are waiting for him to fall asleep.

Statues of People in Pain

It Figurines
Stacey and Monique are the uncontested queens of the schoolyard. That is, until a strange new student arrives, who claims that she can connect their dreams at night.

Painted Skull

Paige discovers the lair of a formidable opponent and unravels a secret about her grandmother.

+ Four other (secret) stories!
(including one story that was Highly Commended by the FAWQ,
which has been updated for print).



“Spirits in Your Area” is available to purchase from Amazon
Australia | USA | Canada | UK | India

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